Free Blackjack Practice

Some casino games, like slots, are easy to pick up, play and potentially win. Others, like blackjack, require time, patience and attention to detail if you really want to become a master. Free blackjack games are the perfect tool for learning to play blackjack without any investment.

Blackjack Rules

Free blackjack games will help you to become familiar with the basic blackjack rules. In blackjack, number cards 2-9 are counted at face value, face cards count for 10 and an ace can be either 1 or 11. The goal of every hand is to have a total higher than the dealer without going over 21. A hand that hits 21 exactly is ideal. The key to a good game of blackjack is to know when to stay or hit to beat the dealer without taking too big of a risk.


Another consideration that doesn't affect free blackjack online games, but does come into play in paid versions is the matter of insurance. If the dealer has an ace, they will offer you the chance to play a side bet in the amount of half of your original bet. This will pay off even money if the dealer has a face card, and thus blackjack. This is not a very wise bet, as the chances of the dealer holding a face card are relatively low. It is an important matter to consider, however, and can be used to enhance your game play.

After some practice with free online games, you should be ready to hit the real blackjack games and play for money. With the confidence that comes with several rounds of practice, you'll no doubt be ready to show off your blackjack skills and may even win big.

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