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The use of biased roulette wheel is one of the most frequently discussed topics when you are playing roulette or you are trying to get an edge. You must understand and recognize what bias wheel is, and before you do so, you must go through 4000 spins to determine the pattern and start playing realistically. There is no available bias towards black or red. The best you can find is a bias to some specific numbers.

Casinos usually avoid biased wheel as the proposed house edge lies on odds that rest on 37 to 1 for a single number. If an individual pays an amount that is more than it should be, the casino will lose money. However, the biased wheel is not a fixed blackjack game, though they do not have any genuine interest to fix their games, as house edge will be in favor of them. There are some roulette tools available online, such as Roulette Raptor that helps in detecting biased wheel.

Once a biased wheel is found, and the player has reasonable confidence too, he can bet his chosen numbers. In an unusual situation though, players are likely to have an added advantage over a casino, and they would not want to let time go wasted with some low payouts.

There is a concept of dealer signature, which is quite unlike the game. There are some dealers in the game of roulette that spins the ball for long without knowing what exactly should be done about the game and the manner in which the game should pick up. This would produce such situations wherein some numbers could easily come up often than remaining numbers.

People usually looking for such type of play will find some old dealers who have been playing for an extended period of time. They are experienced and they know exactly when to spin the game and it is easily predictable as well.

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